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Our Ensembles

Marching Band

The Crockett Cougar Band is comprised of all Crockett high school band wind musicians, percussion studio musicians, and dance guard members. Marching band students learn the values of work ethic, time management, responsibility, organization, and teamwork throughout the entirety of their 4-year band careers. In the Fall semester the marching band begins band camp as early as the football team in late July, and from there, the semester is full of evaluations, contests, public appearances, school assemblies, and more!


Students should sign up for the Crockett Cougar Band BAND App page here:


Parents should sign up for the Crockett Cougar Band Parents BAND App page here:

Wind Ensemble

The Crockett Wind Ensemble is comprised of the most dedicated band members in the program and is led by Ms. Brianna Moehnke. Student study and perform college-level music literature, and are evaluated twice per year – once at UIL Marching Evaluation in October and again at UIL Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation in April.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the second competing ensemble at Crockett High School and is under the direction of Ms. Carolyn Garcia. Students in the Symphonic Band participate in the UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest, and the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest. Symphonic Band students will receive instruction with an emphasis on the fundamentals and skills needed to advance to the Wind Ensemble while working to enhance musicianship and ensemble skills. Members are assigned before- or after-school sectionals and numerous performance evaluations which are fundamental in their development as musicians.

Percussion Studio

The Crockett Percussion Studio is a year-round performing ensemble.


During the Fall Semester, percussionists in the studio are involved with marching band activities including marching band contest, football games and standstill percussion contests. Students will be taught technique on playing and marching throughout the season.

In the Spring Semester, percussionists will be divided into their performing indoor ensembles which will participate in Concert UIL, Solo & Ensemble and festivals in and around the area.


Auditions take place mid to late April for the upcoming school year. For more information or to inquire about having our studio perform at your next event, please contact a director.


Students should sign up for the Crockett Percussion Studio BAND App page here:


Parents should sign up for the Crockett Cougar Band Parents BAND App page here:

Dance Guard

The Crockett Dance Guard is a collaboration with our amazing Crockett HS Dance instructor, Mrs. Jarosek. Dance Guard student take fundamentals of dance during school with Mrs. J and marching band after school to learn the basics of using equipment on the field.


Participation is year-round, with students participating in the marching band in the Fall, and the dance and/or winter guard programs in the Spring.


Students should sign up for the Crockett Dance Guard BAND App page here:


Parents should sign up for the Crockett Cougar Band Parents BAND App page here:

Jazz Band

The Crockett Cougar Jazz Band is a year-round performing ensemble comprised of members of both Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band students. Students interested in joining should contact Ms. Moehnke (

Steel Drum Ensemble

The Crockett Cougar Steel Drums Ensemble is comprised of students already in the Cougar Band program. Students perform year-round for multiple on- and off-campus events. All students in the Cougar Band are welcome to join!

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